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來源:塑膠跑道|塑膠跑道價格|塑膠跑道材料|人造草坪|硅PU球場|運之家 發布日期:2018/8/6 11:05:40

        Artificial lawn was invented to solve the problem that natural grass could not adapt to various climate and long-term high frequency use. Artificial lawn not only has the condition that natural grass could not satisfy, but also has similar characteristics to natural grass. After the birth of artificial lawn, people loved it. With unremitting efforts, today's artificial lawn has become an epoch-making product. Artificial lawn is not only used in sports venues such as football field, but also widely used in gardens, courtyards, amusement parks, roof balconies, etc., and has been recognized by more and more people.


        It is a good choice to use artificial turf in countries where climate conditions are not suitable for natural grass growth. The artificial lawn also has certain flame retardant property, no fading, no maintenance, no insects, no skin allergy, not only can save the annual high maintenance cost of natural turf, the materials used can also be recycled.