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來源:塑膠跑道|塑膠跑道價格|塑膠跑道材料|人造草坪|硅PU球場|運之家 發布日期:2018/8/22 9:27:13

        Many facts have shown that colloidal turf is better labeled with paint, and we recommend rubber-filled artificial turf. It is important to be light and smooth when painting to prevent the artificial fibers from sticking together.

        On a clean, dry surface, the best paint effect, grass must be free of oil. In order for the turf to look good and have no footprints, old, degraded paint and any dirt must be cleaned before the turf is painted.

        We recommend using good paint, equipment and techniques throughout the field. Anyway, here are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to do the job yourself:

        Keep in mind that no paint will achieve true "staying power." Properly applied these coatings can last for a quarter, they should be a kind of latex paint, super soft and strong adsorption.

        The time it takes to dry the paint is crucial. After finishing coating had better have 48 hours to wait to put the site into use, do not approve with brush or roller painting the site.