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來源:塑膠跑道|塑膠跑道價格|塑膠跑道材料|人造草坪|硅PU球場|運之家 發布日期:2018/8/8 9:18:06

        Kindergarten is now very pay attention to indoor and outdoor and environmental design, many of the kindergarten environment as a top priority to decorate, kindergarten in some areas is a major activity venues, the children so many kindergartens to laying artificial turf, kindergarten special artificial lawn because of its many advantages, is more and more kindergartens.

        The artificial lawn in kindergarten has the following characteristics:

1. The lawn for kindergarten shall be made of environmental-friendly materials, safe and environmentally friendly, with strong flame retardancy, and the foundation shall not be glued to the surface. Only the surface layer can be replaced at the end of the service life, and the reinvestment cost is low.

2. All the artificial turf grass silk used for kindergarten shall be made of new materials without any re-raw materials. Anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, anti-static, non-absorbent, easy to clean, even if children crawling on the lawn, skin and lawn contact do not need to worry.

3. The lawn for kindergarten USES a unique ergonomic structure, which is soft and comfortable, and has a buffering effect on accidental falls.